Company / Who We Are

| About Us

AHURA Software is an independent Bulgarian company, operating in the fields of information technology, gaming and services. It is seated in Sofia, Bulgaria, but it also has a branch in Tehran, Iran. We are constantly moving ahead, looking for the next serious challenge, striving to raise standards.

| Our Mission

Our aim is to develop the IT & gaming markets in Iran and give Iranian internet users the opportunity to use foreign games and software products in their native language and take advantage of those products’ paid services by having the option to pay locally for them.

| What We Do

Our business is focused on the localizing and publishing of foreign websites, browser/mobile games, mobile apps and other software products in Iran. We assist our clients in dealing with the most important steps of this process. We offer partial and complete solutions in accordance with the needs of our clients.

| Our Clients

We are privileged to work with clients in all business sectors, as well as governmental and non-profit organizations. Although we are working with influential companies and large regional organizations, we take great pride in successfully delivering effective services to small and mid-size companies, as well as individual developers and freelancers.

| Why Iran? Why Persian/Farsi?

50+ million internet users

There are more than 50 million Persian/Farsi-speaking internet users in Iran and a total of 110 million Persian/Farsi-speaking people around the world.

18+ million gamers

There are more than 18 million Persian/Farsi-speaking gamers in Iran.

Young population

More than half of Iran's population is under 35 years old. Perfect conditions for developing your product.

Lack of localized products

Hungry users for new software products and experiences.

High purchasing power parity

The freemium model is well established in Iran.

Persian/Farsi is the official language in 3 countries

Persian/Farsi is the official language in three countries. This offers your product the opportunity to develop in three different countries, and even reach a larger share of the world market.

Fast growing and untapped niche markets

The total number of Persian/Farsi-speaking internet users in 2000 was approximately 400,000. At the moment their number surpasses 50 million. A really big part of Persian/Farsi speakers, who live in their home countries, do not speak English or any other foreign language. For this reason, they rarely choose products that are not translated into their native language.

| Why AHURA Software?

Highly qualified team of young specialists

We have the required team of specialists - translators, marketing professionals, customer support agents and administrators at our disposal. You do not have to hire employees or form your own team.

Local office in the Middle East

We have a local office in Tehran, Iran, where the larger part of our employees is situated. This way we are closer to the target audience, we are up-to-date with market trends, and the development opportunities are bigger.

Minimal risk

By choosing AHURA Software you acquire a highly skilled and experienced partner, which helps minimize risk.

Low expenses

Finding highly qualified staff is an exceptionally difficult and costly task, especially if you do not have a local office in Iran, which is a big expense in itself. We can help you get around these obstacles and other potential ones – an ability that should not be underestimated. You do not have to invest and waste time!

You are working with a European company

By choosing AHURA Software for a partner, you will be working entirely with a Bulgarian company, without having to deal with unknown companies from the Middle East or third parties.

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